Postcards of Old Tallinn

Category: Travel Chronicle
Location: Tallinn ( Estonia )

Raekoja plats Raekoja plats

Tallinn is quite a particular city. Walking along its streets one can feel the different cultures that molded it.

Old town's wall Old town's wall

The central-European Germanic influence is strong in the oldest Gothic buildings. It's easy to imagine the town in the Hanseatic times.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

But Eastern influence is not less important. Orthodox buildings like the impressive Alexander Nevsky's cathedral are an important remainder of Estonia's close vicinity with Russia.

Uus street Uus street

That's also palpable listening to a good amount of local workers that use Russian as their day-to-day language (have in mind that the city has about a 37% of Russian-speaking population).

Harju street Harju street

It's old town it's definitely a good place to explore. I certainly look forward to visit it again in the future in order to discover new nooks.

Upper view of part of the old town Upper view of part of the old town