Certified Refurbished

Category: Miscellaneous
Location: Turku ( Finland )

After a good amount of hard work hours the website refurbishment has been finished. Besides the brand new look, it's packed with some new features, among them:

- New home and portfolio pages with a cleaner design and featuring full stories instead of single photos.

- Rework of the blog category system. Including a new category 'In Catalan' for articles written in that language.

- The photos included in the stories have higher resolution and can be seen in a lightbox mode when clicked above.

- First steps have been taken towards a better integration with mobile devices and tablets. More to come soon™.

With the new redesign comes a new goal, which is to provide better stories with higher quality standards.

If you find any issue with the new design, have suggestions or complains, please contact me.

- Yours truly ♠